Yeni Lokanta

Yeni Lokanta is a chef-owner restaurant, reinterpreting Turkish cuisine Civan Er’s rich menu.
The owner of the place, located on the Kumbaraci slope near Istiklal Street, has been the owner of Changa in Siraselviler and Civan Er. The same person who works in the kitchen is also the owner.
The kitchen sits on a solid foundation. In general, he prepares the classics of Turkish cuisine with his version and retouching.
Civan Er is known for serving delicious appetizers. When we look at the menu, we encounter very familiar Turkish dishes, but the secret is another comment on these dishes. Before opening the place, Civan Er travelled throughout Anatolia. He tasted a lot of ingredients and tried the food in his hometown. Therefore, he fell in love with the dishes and the materials everywhere. Er, who built a stone oven in the restaurant, for now, not only do they make yeast bread, but also different stuff.
In the menu where you open with sour butter and yeast bread, almost everything is perfect. There is a kitchen where you can find different tastes. For example, they make the pachanga borek made with yufka. Variety of delicacies ranging from artichoke sardines to white cheese mozzarella puree moreover, the prices are not very high, as a matter of fact, its quite reasonable. Day and evening menu is different, and evening menu is more vibrant.
The décor of the place is quite classy, ​​but it is very good if you say how you want it made, it should be an understood and friendly atmosphere. The entrance has a bar where you can have a couple of drinks before dinner. The tables are neither too cramped, nor too far from the walls, they have great glossy tables. In short, this is a place where people must go to Beyoglu. We recommend that you make a reservation before you go, especially during the evening hours.

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