Travel Tips for Women

When you go for any vacation, there are lots of thing to prepare on. The destinations, the route or mode of transport, clothes, food and many more things. Here’s what you need to bring for yourself if you are holidaying in a hot, humid climate.

Clothes wise, stick to a color scheme that will suit with the climate of your destination. Bright colors look fabulous in the bright light you get in the tropics. Pick 3 neutral colors and 1 bright color, or 2 bright and 2 neutrals. For example, if you look great in blues in pinks, build your travel wardrobe around bright blue, a cheerful pink gray and white. If you look better in warm earthy colors, go for orange, yellow, brown and cream. Of you prefer something more classic, try red, navy, white and black.Be smart and cool dressed when you leave your home. A jeans, a smart white shirt and track shoes and socks (don’t forget to pack in a few extra pairs) would take you to your destination in style. You can mix and match these with the rest of your wardrobe when you get to your destination.

Even though the climate is hot enough to keep your body warm, there is air conditioning in the hotel climate may change and can get very cold outside in the cold destinations, so bring along a light sweater and jeans for times like these.

You can carry a swimsuit or bikini. Actually, a bikini is very handy as it will occupy very small space in your suitcase. Even if you are allergic to beaches or not intend to go to the beach, the hotel probably has a wonderful swimming pool you might want to check out, so the swimsuit could well come in handy. You could get decent exercise swimming laps across the pool. Bring along slippers and a sarong or caftan as a cover up. A hat would help protect you from the heat and sunglasses protect your eyes and make you look cool!

When you go to the tropical region, the weather would be pleasant for which you can carry a camisoles and shorts .You can keep a skirt and a pair of sleek black pants for dinners. So over all you can carry pair of camisoles and shorts, skirt, pants and an extra pretty top or two each of your chosen colors. You can mix and match the pieces as you please. For a longer vacation, throw in a pretty dress or two that has spandex in the fabric, as such fabrics don’t crease so easily, yet look wonderful when you wear them. These go into your suitcase.

Besides the clothing’s for personal body care items you can take sun blocks like sun lotion. A hat and sunglasses to make protect you from the heat as well has giving you a stylish look.
Remember to bring your toothpaste, tooth brush, dental floss, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, shower gel,shampoo and body lotion. Try to get these in travel sizes as travel sets take up far less space than the regular sized version.Finally, the makeup accessories which any women would never forget to bring along anywhere she goes. Keep minimal makeup like Lipstick, mascara and eye liner should be enough.
Tips for Organized Travel
Traveling is not always done for leisure and fun. There may be situations where you have to travel a lot such as business or family issues. At times you may need to travel without any prior notice may be the very next hour. In such a situation we must do things very quickly, we may not have enough time to be organized.However, here are some tips for an organized travel.

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