Nicole Restaurant

Nicole, which is Istanbul’s gastronomic restaurant, is a boutique restaurant that serves refined palates with seasoned menus of indigenous and fresh ingredients. They also have a shade of castle-style wines and an experienced service team.
The restaurant is located on the terrace of the Italian Consulate of Tomtom Suites and with a view of the old Istanbul from Adalar to the islands, where the Franciscan nuns are healing the patients.
You can find comfortable and non-painful seats, linen tablecloths and napkins. They have a good and reasonably priced wine list, the distance between the tables, excellent service, non-smoking at dinner, plates and cutlery are elegant but useful.
Cimcim shrimp plate, which is the first dish offered after some pleasant-tasting tastes, for example with your champagne, is a Kaan Sakarya classic.
Nicoleorss capacity is limited (40-50 persons), and you choose one of the two menus. This situation allows the chefs to bend carefully to each plate and send them to the hall when they are satisfied like the best restaurants in the West.
Both the service and the wine service is very good, but the style is more like Western restaurants in Turkey. Since everything made from scratch, the waiting time between the plates may take some time. Not a place to eat and sightsee at the same time, but a right place for good food and wine. I think the tables are spaced and I spend three hours because the scenery is a great pleasure.

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