Deraliye Ottoman Palace Cuisine Restaurant

Aya Sofya, Basilica Cistern, Obelisk of Istanbul with the sine qua non of tourists who come to Istanbul be A restaurant in the middle of Sultanahmet in the middle of a lively restaurant right on the edge of a restaurant Deraliye in a chilling out street. Deraliye, which is one of the names of Istanbul in the Ottoman Empire, gives the name of the name and successfully represents the Ottoman cuisine in Sultanahmet. Once you enter, a stylish decoration dominates the classic and modern lines.

The cuisine of the palace cuisine is divided into Dulli-fruit dishes and the main dishes in the style of deraliye. The marinade with honey sauce served in a warm atmosphere is warm and crispy.

Dana kebab, marinated with herbal dishes from main courses, is very successful.

Ottoman architecture and works in the region of the Ottoman culture as an integral part of the culture of food to carry to the present and giving the right to admit that they do.

The decoration is exquisite and stylish, but even eye-catching does the Ottoman motifs.

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