Travelling in the historical place of Istanbul, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Istanbul.

1924, literally, leaning forward in front of the Rejans, but not just the back of the past, both old and brand new restaurant. The wood panels on the walls are sparkling, and the dining hall is equipped with old photos and paintings collected from Russia. The bar area is like a modern cocktail centre that shows a variety of homemade vodka.

The menu is also a novelty. Mike Norman says they create a menu in which they diversify classic Russian cuisine. Indispensable for Russian cuisine, there are delicacies such as debt soup and chicken kievsky. Don’t just look at the starters. The full range of Russian ravioli called pelmeni, the leek and sour cream between them do not miss the table. Mike Norman says the Russian cuisine is inspired by Eastern European cuisine to give a little more colour to the menu. The most entertaining part of the menu is the dessert portion with a choice of beetroot ice cream and crepe Suzette in the shape of an inverted cone. Norman and Khan trust in their menus, but they still emphasize that it is a place to visit for the history of 1924, not for food.

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